Get to know me,

Ayesha Ziya

Founder and CEO Ayesha Ziya is a modern pioneer in the tradition of luxury perfumery, combining the captivating scents of the ever enticing Oud along with sweet succulent bursts to a new audience in Europe and beyond.

Awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016, Ayesha has continued to broaden the scope of her beloved fragrance collection,

encompassing the rich impressions of Arabia to create a thoughtful collection of six precious fragrances, two luxury candles, gift sets, and a velvety bakhoor.

Dedicating years to researching the market and the sensory offerings of the Middle East, while perfecting her natural talent for marrying exotic and soothing scents to create enticing

fragrances, resulted in the inaugural scents of Irum and The Oud.

With each and every meticulously crafted Ayesha Ziya fragrance, you are experiencing the indulgent spirit of the Middle East, twinned with an ultramodern vivacity that is unique to this innovative, luxury brand.


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